September 15 2015

HCVC Meeting
September 15, 2015

Present at Meeting
Officers: Vicki Marsh (President), David Rittenhouse (Vice President)
Members: Gary Noller, Emilio Rendon, Cord Switzer, Bill Cantrell
KVA: Lee Long
Guests: Susan Junker, Byron Warren, Nick Oprea

Old Business:
VA payments to PRMC – Lee reported that a conference call is scheduled in next couple of days with the PRMC fee office. PRMC past due is reported as now over $2 million

TX DOT’s removal of the KVA hospital signs is still pending. The appropriate naming convention of Kerrville is as a Medical Center per VHA handbook 1006.02, which lists facilities with 2 or more services as such. Cord will talk with the contractor who places the signs and try to get this facilitated.

Blue Team doctor position is still filled by contractor locum tenens. There is a new recruiter working on doctors for Green and Blue Team: Samuel Waynescott - samuel.waynescott@va.gov 915-238-2168. Primary care has met with him. Lee stated that it is unclear as to why they cannot advertise locally.

Panel sizes of the PACTS has been slightly impacted by over 200 Veterans from Del Rio who are also getting KVA care. Vicki learned that they were not being counted in the Teams to which they are assigned, due to the temporary nature of the assignment.

Every Team has a daily 90-minute open window for Urgent Care
(or other) walk-ins. KVA Veterans with immediate needs should go to their Primary Care Team for minor issues.

Wednesday Morning is designated as a time for doctors to meet and communicate.

Doctor for GEM Clinic: Dr. Susan Miller, board-certified gerontologist started yesterday.

Doctor for Del Rio Clinic: The contractor is recruiting, but apparently not through USA Jobs.

Choice Program: The available provider situation for doctors is unknown at this time.
Neurologist from Audie: 3 new Neurologists were found for Audie, but none are willing to come to Kerrville, even for a day a week, as a condition of employment.
Clerk for Release of Information: A decision was made that the position will not be replaced as the work load does not justify this.

Alpha-Stimulator: Licensed practitioners may order it, but they need more experience/knowledge about its use as a treatment. Training on this is planned.
Prosthetics: KVA is actively trying to get another person.
Telehealth: KVA uses telehealth for various specialties such as sleep, audiology and dermatology. Lee will investigate all uses and report back.

New Business:
Choice Program: Lee will be more involved in the future. Mandy Schmidt at Hill Country Memorial is interested in the program.
HCVC requests a map of the counties serviced by South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS).

Optical Shop: A new optical shop was recently opened @KVA by Data Point’s contractor.

Recent Meeting with Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson: HCVC was not invited. HCVC has requested to be included in any future such meetings.

Appointment Reminder Cards: HCVC suggests that the map located on the card is not needed and that space could best be used for other information i.e. phone number for telecare nurse. It appears on main page of our website-- www.hcvc.org.
Internal Business

Sloan Gibson's Meeting with STVHCS: Dave Rittenhouse sent Sloan an email with HCVC’s top 3 issues: (1) The Choice Program, (2) VA failure promptly to pay local civilian hospitals providing emergency room care to Veterans, and (3) filling key staff positions at KVA.

The next Stakeholders Meeting is scheduled for Wed Oct 21st @ 11 AM @ KVA Conference Room.

Congressman Smith's Veteran's Council: Gary reported on the first meeting of this group. Topics included the Choice Program, National Guard drawdown, the Iran agreement, and VA handling of PTSD. Congressman Smith expressed that he felt VA had money for Choice but could not spend it. Cord recommends that HCVC gets Scott Ferguson (staffer) involved in this topic so that he can properly brief the Congressman. . The next meeting is not yet scheduled. Ann Overby comes to the Stakeholders Meetings as well.

DBA Registration of HCVC: Cord made a motion that HCVC register their name with the County as DBA so that it can be protected, Gary seconded, and the motion was approved by the Council. Dave and Vicki will arrange for the registration.
Chamber's Annual Magazine “Our View:” Gary will lead the preparation of an article on the HCVC. Joe provided some input ideas on the economic value that Veterans and their services provide to the community.

VA Payments to Hospitals: Dave will continue to work on this and Byron will help.
Dennis researched the composition of the US House of Representatives Committee on Veterans Affairs and sent e-mail to Congressman Smith on Texas’ lack of representation.
Byron's concept on staggering members' terms was briefly explained: Two year staggered terms for each member (member assigned to 2 groups).
Susan Junker has been assisting with a new 501C3 startup that assists veterans with getting meals on wheels.

Comments to us or the V. A. would be greatly appreciated.