May 19 2015


Minutes for May 19, 2015, Hill Country Veterans Council Meeting
In Attendance:

Members: Vicki Marsh President, David Rittenhouse Second Vice President, Maggie Baker, Bill Cantrell, Gary Noller, Emilio Rendon, Cord Switzer
Guests: Susan Junker, Gary Powers, Dennis Birchall, Nick Oprea
KVA: Lee Long and Paul Gregory
Paul Gregory has been selected for a Houston position - closer to hospital operations.

July 8th will be the next Stakeholders Meeting/MAC

June 8 changes will be made to non-VA care program (older program, different from CHOICE)
CHOICE is different funding
Veterans will be given opportunity to use CHOICE program first
VA is tracking CHOICE use and TriWest provider sign up
Hard to find CHOICE on VA website (Agent Orange issues also)
Still an issue with documentation getting back from CHOICE providers to VA; shows in "Veteran's CHOICE note."

Disappointed with lack of adequate documentation and rapidly changing rules.

Replacement doctors for Green and Blue Teams still in progress, candidates so far have not worked out; looking for recruiting alternatives.

Neurologist: do Chiefs of Service talk to classes of graduating residents for recruitment? - not directly; Bob McDonald has been doing this.

Dental hygienist - pending finalization of pay determination for selected candidate to make final offer.

Speech Pathologist - swallowing studies - Mr. Ferrer is now a permanent employee.

Sleep clinic - tele-health from KVA to Audie - still need feedback for follow up; training is occurring.

Release of information Office - sign on door referring to Audie updated, actively recruiting for KVA position - exact status not known; plan is for full time person. Vicki suggests patient advocate's number should also be on door; Paul suggests also "My Healthy Vet"
Position Review - Vicki desires more sense of urgency for this.

Boarding process has also been spread to admin persons - double edged sword.
New Patient Orientation - need information on Patient Advocate and Veteran Service Officers.

Dr. Shaw status - still chief medical officer of CLC and Geriatric Medicine Center.
Outreach to Area Vets - KVA needs to redo sending letters.

Screening vet's records for Agent Orange:
Veteran needs to apply
Are they referred to a VSO?

Need an annual medical process for checking on progress of potential disabilities.
CBO is to have spoken with PRMC per Paul - I need to confirm

Monday is Memorial Day
9 AM Ceremony at VA Ceremony
11 AM Courthouse unveiling of ware memorial

Bandera - Frontier Days - Sunday 31May15 1 PM Courthouse memorial day service
Susan Junker needs some help with cemetery etiquette/management - flag placement.

New Patient Orientation - email to be sent when available

Holding Bill Bacon's position until he returns.

We will do a plaque for Paul Gregory.

Membership Guidelines were reviewed:.


Comments to us or the V. A. would be greatly appreciated.