June 16 2015

Minutes for the June 16, 2015, Hill Country Veterans Council Meeting
In Attendance:

Officers: Vicki Marsh - President, Dave Rittenhouse Second Vice President
Members: Cord Switzer, Gary Noller, Bill Cantrell, Emilio Rendon, Maggie Baker
Guests: Susan Junker, Dennis Birchall, Gary Powers, Nick Oprea, Mike Cagle
KVA: Lee Long

Doctor Shortage: VA has taken steps such as increasing pay cap. Mr. Youngblood has moved on as recruiter for this area.

VA recognition for full practice authorization of PA's/Nurse Practitioners has been somewhat problematic/complicated.

Green and Blue Team Doctors: Recruiting has not been successful yet; Blue has a temporary doctor who leaves EOM August

KVA has received authorization to increase one position to mid-level position, which increases the pay range.

Dr. Shaw is leaving the GEM Clinic.

Primary Care leadership is responsible for recruiting primary care physicians - Dr. Frank.

Some of the recent attrition is due to people leaving VA for higher pay grades at DOD in San Antonio - ex. HR personnel.

40+% of federal work force is retirement eligible.
Neurology: 3 individuals have been selected and are pending onboarding.

Dental Hygienist negotiation continues.

Swallowing studies - have started; unable to be here in June, will be here July 7 and 15

How many patients do we have waiting in Kerrville? Lee will find out.
"Fee" (outside VA system treatment) is over-budget - so KVA prefers in-house treatment.

Sleep Clinic - going reasonably well; the claims side however is problematic.

Release of Information Office - signs have been changed, but still a few strays. New HR "SMART" program has been a distractor, but is now mostly implemented.

The Audie HR reviews are taking too long.

KVA Administrative Officer's Position mandatory every 2 year review is in progress.

Alpha-Stim - no information today; key personnel have been out. Dr. Herbst (with Dr. Senter present) helped fill in Vicki earlier on the situation.

Knee Injections - orthopedic clinic recently received authorization to resume single injections.

Cord asked Lee what we can do to help KVA:

We can continue to ask congressmen about outdated laws that need revision, but the HCVC needs specifics.

We can assist with identifying any "winter" Texans willing to work fee or part time when here? KVA can provide space.

Doolittle Tokyo Raiders: Friday, June 19 9 AM Comfort Park

Town Hall June 18 Rm 222 - Gary, Vicki and Susan plan to attend

Congressman Smith is unclear about Freedom's Path

Stakeholders Meeting July 8 - call for agenda items:
How many have used Choice?
Breakdown by County
List of providers by County and specialty?
2 Team doctors

There was a discussion on limitations of veteran counts.
Dr. Bollinger would appreciate HCVC looking at Choice survey she is producing
Agent Orange

Mental Health Summit Friday August 14 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM - Cailloux Theater



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