July 21 2015


Minutes for the July 21, 2015, Hill Country Veterans Council Meeting
In attendance:
Officers: Vicki Marsh - President, Dave Rittenhouse - Second Vice President
Members: Dennis Birchall, Gary Noller, Bill Cantrell, Maggie Baker, Emilio Rendon
Guests: Nick Oprea, Byron Warren

Recent Stakeholder meeting had a good Choice update.

Vicki has found an interesting monthly VA Media and News Clip Summary.

Review of HCVC Guidelines for Membership:

Byron suggested some clarity on "Term Limits" paragraph

Biographies should include both military and civilian information, and be submitted to the President

The Council did not require a quorum for actions only a simple majority of those present
Attendance Records: Attendance at regular meetings will be included in the minutes.

New members for acceptance:
Cord Switzer
Dennis Birchall
Dave made motion and Bill seconded - motion carried
BG Schellhase and Dan Bacon will be moved to Honorary Members
Bill Bacon will be moved to to Past Director

Chamber membership is coming up (September?).

Gary will be updating an article for the Chamber to run in their annual catalog of organizations.

Dave needs to follow up on the status of VA fee and emergency payments.

Upcoming Town Hall Meeting
Shall we have one in Kerrville?
Who should be the targeted veterans?
October? Latter half of September might be better.
We need to help get people there

Due to a Chamber of Commerce room conflict, the next meeting will need to be moved, likely to the KVA.

Comments to us or the V. A. would be greatly appreciated.