December 15, 2015


Minutes for Hill Country Veterans Council December 15, 2015 Meeting

In Attendance:
President: Vicki Marsh, Vice President: David Rittenhouse
Members: Dennis Birchall, Emilio Rendon, Byron Warren, Gary Noller
Guests: Gary Powers, Nick Oprea, Mike Cagle
KVA Administrative Officer: Jennifer McElroy

Dennis’ Veterans Choice Program letter to KDT editor was discussed – this will be put on the HCVC website.

State Representative Murr has not yet visited KVA - he had to cancel a planned visit and has not been able to reschedule yet.
KVA Positions:

Release of Information Clerk: KVA will be hiring to fill a full time position for this.
Dental Hygienist: This has been established as a Grade GS9 (approx. $48K to $62K) and will be filled.

Doctors of Internal Medicine for Blue and Green: Dr. Peterson, a contract doctor, is currently covering the Blue Team; an individual is in the process of being hired to permanently fill this position. Once that position is filled, Dr. Peterson will cover the Green Team until it is permanently filled. KVA is currently interviewing for the joint Green Team doctor/Chief Medical Officer position: 50% Green Team coverage and 50% Chief Medical Officer.

A new Neurologist started Dec 9 and he is ramping up coverage. He is available the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at KVA.

Psychologist for GEM clinic: There is currently good coverage; Dr. Miller sees inpatients; Dr. Floyd does outpatient on Tuesdays
Urologist: Dr. Mora is now available at KVA on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Admin Officer: this positon is being targeted for permanent fill in January

Custodial hiring is somewhat complicated - will be opening up to all US citizens.
List of Open Positions at KVA: How can we get a complete listing? Jennifer is working on that. The current list is inadequate.

TriWest updates Choice Providers list weekly – the list has shown little progress.
There is very low Choice usage by Veterans. (Maybe because there are few providers?)
Is HR posting jobs in KDT? We are not seeing any. How can we do a better job of posting?

Pharmacy: For reoccurring prescriptions the pharmacy needs to know a week in advance to give better service.
No auto re-fill system available through VA. The Veteran must request their own re-fill.
Dennis would like to do an article on this. Jennifer will connect him with the Pharmacist for specific information.

VA Late Reimbursements to non-VA Providers: Jennifer indicates some providers have done some improper billing of veterans when they disagreed with VA payment; this issue remains very "fuzzy."

KVA Telephone System: There are lots of issues throughout STVHCS that they are trying to resolve.
Is there a KVA phone listing? No.

KVA wants people to go through the phone trees to get to the correct person.

Podiatry clinic: Dremel burs created an infection issue and KVA is looking at stainless steel burs.

Emery boards are sent home with veterans rather than trash
Interestingly, Maggots are in very successful use to eat dead tissue in such a manner as to promote better healing.

At a January 19, 2016 Meeting at Audie Murphy, Dr. Veronica McLean will give a presentation on the Primary Care Mental Health Integration Program which she heads.
Byron's proposal for membership:

The President and VP should have terms of two years, with each term starting in a separate year.

A provision to fill open positions for the remainder of the term was discussed.
At each annual election, all Board members should be considered for continuation.
The proposal approved as finally discussed - Byron to issue final version.


Comments to us or the V. A. would be greatly appreciated.