Dec 17 2013


A meeting of the Texas Hill Country Veterans Council was held on December 17, 2013 at the Kerrville Chamber of Commerce. Attending the meeting were:

Vicki Marsh, President
Bill Bacon, First Vice President
David Rittenhouse, Second Vice President
Members Alan Hill, Sam Barker, Bill Cantrell, Gary Noller
Guest Jamaine Washington, Peer Support Group
Paul Gregory, Chief Administrative Officer Kerrville VA

The meeting was called to order at 0900 by President Marsh.


Gary Noller met with the VA Engineer Mike Bowlby who said that the utility program for Freedom’s Path is in place.

Jamaine Washington said that the Peer Support Group is a resource for vets.

In the next segment of the meeting, Mr. Paul Gregory, Administrative Director of the Kerrville VA Hospital, answered questions that had been prepared, written and sent to Mr. Gregory prior to the meeting.
1: Mental staffing: Paul Gregory said that the VA is using a specialty recruiter for Psychiatrists, but, so far, are unable to find the right fit. Paul is putting together a packet that includes the benefits of living in the Texas Hill Country to perhaps help the recruiters.
2: Pharm D teleconferencing: Paul Gregory said we will have a full time person for teleconferencing but not on the KVA site.

& Paul also mentioned that the VA had tried to recruit part-time and former VA Psychiatrists but could not find anyone who was interested.

3: An ultrasound clerk started the prior week so thyroid exams could be done in Kerrville, but Audie Murphy received blurred images, so no tech is coming yet.

& Paul mentioned that enrollment at KVA from ’12 to ’13 is up be 600 veterans which is the highest increase by per cent in STVAHCS.

Back to #3, Paul said they are developing plans to attend to adverse reactions to contrast imaging in the CT scan which will require training for the Primary Care physicians.

4: TeleHealth for the sleep clinic is being worked on.

5: Col. Marsh ask for the status of the cataract pre-op evaluations. No notes taken for an answer. But a full time dental hygienist will be hired soon.

6: Non-VA Emergency Care: they are increasing communications between the VA and the local civilian hospitals so that the presentation of a VA card will trigger a call from the hospital to the VA.

7: Audie Murphy personnel are working on recruiting and staffing the Del Rio clinic.

8: The Engineering Department is working to take over the contract for the first floor constructions. The finances are done, but they are still 12 months behind.

Vicki Mentioned the Stakeholders meeting and that we need to be prepared.

She also said Gene Higgins had resigned from the Council due to his relocation away from the Hill Country.

Taken by Bill Bacon

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