August 16  2016


Hill Country Veteran Council Meeting
August 16, 2016
Kerrville Chamber of Commerce

HCVC Officers: President Vicki Marsh, SVP Dennis Birchall 2VP Byron Warren
HCVC Members: Maggie Baker, Emilio Rendon, Cord Switzer, David Rittenhouse,
KVA: Kim Hoge,
Guests: Nick Oprea, Gary Powers

President Vicki Marsh opened the meeting complimenting the Mental Health Summit Planning Committee on the excellent job given the constraints of space in VA Auditorium which limited the number of community partners with tables.  There were two firsts:  your getting the KDT to write an article in advance of the event and Audieís PAO, Lupe Hernandez, notified Hill Country media (not just those in adjacent counties).  
President Marsh noted that this is the first year that Kim Hoge participated in the Mental Health Summit, but itís the 4th year for most others.  We donít understand why the publicity pieces are still late.  When initial notification and the publicity piece including posting flyers throughout KVAMF are late, this may discourage community partners from participating.

KVAMF Vacancies
Ms. Hoge announced that KVAMF has a new psychiatrist on board
The Wound clinic will get a new Registered Nurse to assess wounds. KVAMF has funding for this new hire.
Shelly Danley started earlier this month as the new Release of Information Clerk. Her office is located on the second floor of KVAMF.
A Travel Clerk has been hired and will be located in the second floor Travel Office.
Ultra-sound services at KVAMF have been reduced to once a week for the last 6 months due to shortages of ultra-sound technicians at Audie. Kim followed up on this with radiology(Lee Long, formerly acting Admin Officer @ KVA) and Vicki. Per Lee, they are actively seeking more techs. KVAMF has requested, and been granted, permission for an over-hire when the current X-ray tech retires in Dec. KVAMF is looking for a technician that can cover all imaging (X-ray, CT Scan, etc)
Human Resources has identified a candidate for the open Dental Hygienist position and is waiting on firm offer letter.
Housekeeping has 5 vacancies, Engineering has 7 vacancies, and the KVAMF has no laundry vacancies. None of these non-medical vacancies are posted on USAJOBS.
The KVAMF Lab needs a phlebotomist and lab technicians Ė 3 positions are available.
KVAMF has approval to hire two Physical Therapists; one for in-patients and one for out- patients. KVAMF has no applicants at this time.
Physical Therapistónone on the hook.

Podiatry: The Podiatry Clinic has increased its doctor coverage to five days a week.

Pharmacy: South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS) is closing its mail-out prescription capability at Community-Based Out Patient Facilities and consolidating it at KVAMF. Mail-out prescriptions will increase from ~700 a month to 10,000 a month.

Organizational Changes: Beginning October 1, 2016 all clerks will be consolidated under Medical Administration Service. This will standardize training for all clerks.

KVAMF Office Relocations: The following office relocations have already been completed or are in progress.
The old Audiology booth will move to the new Audiology office.
Dental will get 1 resident & 1 fellow
Ophthalmology is expanding.
Mental health is expanding: 3 more Psychology residents for 1year each, its intensive case mangagement program will expand to KVAMF.
Prosthetics is expanding and will carry more prosthetic supplies.

Flu Season: KVAMF is getting 5,000 doses of flu serum. First shipment will be between August 15th and September 15th. The second shipment will be between September 15th and October 15th. KVAMF planning on three drive throughs. Walgreens will be an option. Veterans should call their PACT for more information.

Telehealth: Telehealth is expanding at KVAMF. KVAMF is already providing Telehealth primary care capability for Victoria, TX patients. KVAMF will be starting a Telehealth Pain Clinic and is considering a Telehealth Prosthetics Clinic.

Having completed discussion the agenda, HCVC President Marsh closed the meeting.




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