May 30, 2011

March 30, 2011
MAC Meeting

South Texas Health Care System (STHS), Management Assistance Council, (MAC) meeting at Kerrville, 3/30/11, conducted by Mr. Biro, Director of Veterans Integrated Network System, (VISN) 17, V. A. District of Texas, made the veterans three promises concerning health care.

1. Provide veterans health care 2nd to none
2. Strive to expand and/or maintain present services
3. Treat all veterans as individuals, on a one to one basis

To facilitate these promises, he hired eight (8) highly professional patient advocates. The VISN 17 District is divided into 4 sections with two (2) assigned to the Kerrville/San Antonio area.

Their job is to visit any veteran who is experiencing any health problem that cannot or is not resolved by local V. A. personnel. Call either of the following: Mr. Kevin Collier, ph. 210-771-5078, stationed in Kerrville or Mr. Victor Martinez at ph.210-771-4943, stationed in San Antonio. They both cover the South Texas area.

They report directly to Mr. Bill McElmore who is the Visn 17 Patient Advocate, Congressional and Veteran Service Officer Liaison, who reports directly to Mr. Biro, Visn 17 Director.

Mr. McElmore briefed on “emergency care benefits”. The system implemented with closing of urgent care at the KVAMC, nights and weekends. There is a brochure with explanation and eligibility check list, call 1-800-222-VETS (8387), or web site, www.gov/health/elig.

He also briefed us on a new appointment notification. The veteran will receive a card in the mail 14 days prior to any scheduled appointment and a reminder phone call, approximately 72 hrs. before appointment time. They would like feed back on how this new system is working. Please contact the V. A. if you need to cancel so that another veteran may be seen using your canceled slot.

Comments to us or the V. A. would be greatly appreciated.