Do VA Health Care Benefits qualify as insurance under Obamacare?

by Denise Early on Jul. 01, 2013, under Health

The Obamacare mandate says everybody must enroll in health insurance starting in 2014. But 80 Ė 85% of Americans already have health insurance, so the mandate does not affect them. Is your health insurance good enough so you donít have to make a change?

I found some of my questions answered by Health News Florida.

A person who is retired from the military asked if his Tricare is good enough coverage. Since Tricare is excellent health insurance, I was not surprised to learn that it is good enough coverage under Obamacare rules.

I was surprised to learn that anyone enrolled in the VA health system also has good enough coverage and does not need to enroll in an individual health insurance plan under Obamacare. These are veterans who spent some time in the military, but not 20 years.

Not all veterans get accepted into the VA health system because of high demand. Veterans must apply, and admission depends on their disability rating and/or income.

According to Health News Florida:

The health law lays out several categories of what it considers minimum coverage that satisfies the requirement to have insurance. Itís the coverage that about 80 percent of the population already has: employer coverage, including COBRA and retiree coverage; or a government program like Medicare, Medicaid, the Childrenís Health Insurance Program, VA benefits or Tricare. If you have any of those kinds of health insurance, you donít have to do anything, and you will have satisfied the requirement to have coverage.





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