Hill Country Veterans Council Meeting 7-21-09

            The council apologizes to all veterans for no update since February 09.  Our web site manager, Mrs. Gael Montana, passed away after a long battle with cancer.  She created our site and maintained it out of the goodness of her heart and love for veterans.  She will be greatly missed and always remembered.

            We are very fortunate to have Mrs. Linda Cook volunteer to take over where Gael had to leave off.  We were aware that Gael wanted to modernize the site, and Linda has taken on the project and has burned daylight and midnight hours to get it accomplished in a very short time.

            We greatly appreciate Linda’s zeal and professionalism which will enable the HCVC to keep all veterans informed.

Minutes Action Items:

1.      In May we heard rumors that several doctors were thinking of leaving primary care teams: investigated.

2.      In June, we received a report that 3 doctors were indeed considering leaving___

3.      We voiced our concern to the acting director and staff of STVHCS.  We were assured that these doctors concerns were being addressed.  However, the silver team doctor did resign.  All patients were reassigned to the remaining 6 teams.  We voiced our concerns that this would overwork the team doctors and compound the problem.  We were assured plans were being considered to alleviate this.

4.      In July, we were briefed that the silver team doctor would not be replaced.  However a hospitalist doctor was being hired to relieve all team doctors of inpatient and critical care in the emergency area.  Their sole job would be to see scheduled patients.  It is our understanding, the  other doctors has decided to stay for now.

5.      After our morning meeting, Tuesday, July 21, we were informed another doctor has officially submitted his papers for retirement for late August.  Meetings are being held at Audie to resolve this problem with the pink team.

6.      In June, we received a report about the closing of the women veterans’ clinic.  Our investigation revealed there was a recommendation put forth with that idea, however, we were assured the clinic would not be closed and any qualified female veteran who desired treatment would be accommodated as before.                                                                                                                                               

7.      At our July meeting were again briefed that the female veterans’ clinic was open.  A call to Mrs. Marlene A. Hartley confirms the clinic is in operation and additional services maybe added.  Mrs. Hartley and the other lady vets should be highly complimented for leading this fight to save the clinic.

8.      We recommend that all veterans be consistently vigilant about their health benefits.  Get involved.  These ladies are proof that it works.

9.      Many veterans fear our health care will be gobbled up by the nationalized health care plan.  Keep informed!  Contact your Congressional Representative.

10. Doctor Smith and Mrs. Gutierrez of KVA briefed us on the status of remodeling of the Podiatry Clinic and G.U. labs.  They both are scheduled to be completed on or about 18 August 09.  An Audiologist will soon be assigned to KVA.  The eye clinic may now order transition lens, if the doctor prescribes them.


11. Info: 

a.      The new director for STVHCS will start work at Audie August 10, 09.  Ms. Marie L. Weldon is a veteran of the U.S. Army and an RN. and has a Masters in hospital administration.  She has held many important positions in the V.A.  She was the strategic planner at Audie in 2000-2001.