Hill Country Veterans Council
August 18, 09

The new director for STVHCS, Ms. Marie Waldon was unable to attend, still getting settled in at Audie.

Mrs. Robin Gutierrez and Dr. Smith from KVAMC briefed us on: reduction of health teams from 7 to 5. The addition of two doctors, hospitalist to relieve team doctors from emergency and inpatient care. Temporarily the pink team will be staffed by Dr. Dan Bacon until the hospitalist can be hired. At that time pink team patients will be divided among the 5 remaining teams. Each team will have about 1400 patients assigned. We are told the V. A. standard is not more than 1500 per team.

We are told by eliminating the team doctors from seeing emergency walk-ins and inpatients will eliminate scheduled outpatient appointment delays.

The performance dash board is virtually the same as last month, so we have decided not to update it. However, new standing ratings of all V. A. health care facilities were received. STVHCS ranked 4th out of 34 larger size and complexity of services available category, and 18th out of all 134 facilities.

The council bid farewell to one of our founding members, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Weinberg, they are moving to Missouri. They’ll be greatly missed by all who knew them.

The council is very pleased to announce the addition of Mrs. Connie Smith. Connie brings a unique prospective to our board. She has served veterans as “Patient Advocate” before retirement from KVAC





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