May 20, 2008

Mr. Walsh, Associate Director of STVHCS, briefed us on various projects for STVHCS.
-A. The Poly-trauma Center is on schedule. Plans and procedures are being developed. Personnel are being designated and trained. Some treatments within the resources
available at Audie are being provided now. These preparations should expedite the fully operational status when the building is complete.

-B. STVHCS is very proactive in trying to recruit additional doctors, nurses and specialty medical technicians, this includes, urologist, dermatologist, x-ray/sonogram for the Kerrville Medical Center. The Council is closely monitoring this item.  Completion for these skills is highly competitive. We encourage everyone to assist in this recruitment.

-C. Mr. Walsh also briefed us on the current standing of STV HCS among all V. A.ís nationally. We rank 28th up from 131 out of 138. He credited Kerrville Medical Center of playing a major role in this great improvement. The May dashboard is posted on our web site.

The Council encourages everyone to let your voices be heard, fill out any surveys youíre sent. Your ratings determine the statics of the dashboard, more important points out areas that need improvement. Mrs. Gutierrez, KVAMC Administrator, briefed us on progress of items being monitored by the council.

-A. Pulmonary testing equipment: installed, training of personnel completed May 12th. All backlogged appointments scheduled and 50% completed.

-B. Ct. Scan equipment: installation is scheduled to be completed in June. Building has to be modified to remove old equipment and install the new. New equipment will have remote capability so film may be read at Audie.

-C. Cardiac Monitoring System should be installed and Bio Med training on June 3rd, fully operational June 9th.