Hill Country Veterans Council Meeting October 24, 2009

1. The directors of STVHS were unable to attend, however staff presented and briefed on the attached performance dashboard.

2. Dr. Smith, Chief of Medical Services and Mrs. Gutierrez, chief of Administration KVA

A. Homeless Proposal. The proposal is posted on the web site: www.va.gov/assetmanagement/missionhomeless/kerrville/rfp.asp

B. KVA doctor staffing will consists of the following primary care teams, green, brown, blue, purple and gold. The addition of two(2) Hospitalist will relieve team doctors of all duties except out patient care. When staffed in this manner, the pink team will be divided among the five(5) teams. Each team will have approximately 1200 patients.

C. The hiring proposal for the two Hospitalist was posted within the last two weeks.

D. We expressed our concern about the cardiac monitoring unit was still in operational. Uncompatiable computer seems to be the problem.

E. Elevator renovation should start soon, including new cars.

3. Anyone interested or knowing of anyone who may be interested, we have an urgent need for the following medical skills:

A. Doctors: primary care, urologists, dermatologist and hospitist.

B. X-Ray and sonogram technician

Contact: Human Resources at STVHCS,Ph. 1-210-617-5160

Specify Kerrville Division please