Minutes of HCVC Meeting 
Two new members were introduced, Mr. Bob Waller and Mr. Harold “Sam” Barker.
February 19, 08

  • 1. Mr. Andy Welch, acting South Texas V. A. Region Director and staff members were quest visitors. They briefed us on the progress of the regions’ standing based on the V. A. nationwide survey as acquired from survey sent out by an independent firm to random V. A. patients. STVAR has improved from 130th to 50th in one year over all. On two of the latest areas of ratings, we now are at 14th in the whole V. A. system. Attached is the latest local rating performance dashboard. Mr. Welch continues to credit Kerrville V. A. with high performance as a major contributing fact.
  • 2. The HCVC discussed several concerns:
    -A.The cardiac monitor system being down for an extended period. Mr. Welch explained the necessity for new hardware. The last is the computers which are due to arrive this week. We were assured the system will be up and operating within two weeks of that date.
    -B.Supply delay: Delays are attributed to shortage of supervisor and personnel. New supervisor is to on board and should shortly have delivery back to normal.
    -C.Telephone Call System: System is still being refined and expanded at KVAH for the STVHCS.
    -D.We heard shortage of funds a problem? Mr. Welch told us although funds are tight, there is sufficient to insure the present level of veterans health care.
    -E.The STVHCS has offices operating at all facilities including DOD to help and assist all veterans who need assistance in transferring from the Armed Forces to the V. A. system.
  • 3. Mr. Richard Baltz will shortly assume the directorship of the STVHCS.
    The Hill Country Veterans Council has received letters of support from some veterans’ organizations. We hope to receive more answers soon. If your organization did not receive our request, please contact Bennie M. Hyde, 300 A Manor Drive, Kerrville, Texas 78028, or call 830-895-8516. Personal letters would also be appreciated if there is not a veteran’s organization in your area.