August 19, 2008

Hill Country Veterans Council Meeting Tuesday August 19, 2008

1. Dr. Greg Smith, Medical Director for Kerrville V. A. Medical Center, briefed the council on the attached Performance Dash Boards. He has broken out the Kerrville Division. It is evident KVA is comparatively quite good. Due to the much smaller sampling, the percentage of dissatisfied has a greater impact on the rating.

a. Quality of patient care at KVA is rated 9th when compared with all the V. A. nationally.

b. STVAHCS is one of 32 class 1A systems in the National V. A. and is rated 6th.

2. Good news:

a. Dr. Swanzy is not retiring. The pink team will continue as before.

b. Work has been started on rehab and expanding the G.I. clinic.

c. Several local doctors have been V. A. certified and are now available to fill in when needed for team doctors or emergency room.

d. Work is almost completed on the new C.T. Scan Lab.

e. New digital equipment and training of personnel should be completed by 30 Oct. 08 which will enable all radiological test to be read and reports made to doctors almost in real time.