January 22, 2008

1. Briefing by Mrs. Gutierrez on the new performance standards. The standards are collected by an independent statics firm hired by the V.A. to evaluate the listed areas and their performance measured by input from a blind survey sent to veterans by mail. The published grafts indicate the results of the data.

2.-A. Funding is approved for new elevators.

   -B. Ultra-sound tech should be starting classes soon.

3. Mailed out 90 plus letters to various veterans’ organizations requesting return letters of support from their membership for the work the HCVC does to fulfill our mandate to keep open the KVA Hospital and to improve services and facilities.

Please check with your organizations to see if they have received our letter and have replied. If there is not an organization in your county, please contact your friends and send us a simple head count stating the number of your friends who support our efforts: address: Bennie M. Hyde, 300 A Manor Dr., Kerrville, Tx. 78028.

There is strength in numbers, they give us clout when we contact the V. A. at all levels, including the Secretary of the V. A., Congressmen and Senators.

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